Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Melissa left yesterday for Italy. Im thinking this will be good for her, she is the type if person that is a lil needy and going far far away by herself is something that will work to its fullest on her personality. I think.
So I found this site again…I think ive said that once before, and I shall not be “doing this” for very long since my new found managers position is ending very soon. It seems as quickly they pulled me in the quicker they spit me out.i was one of the luckier ones…they offered me a new job, “son, this one is bigger and better then before…can you lift up to 100 lbs?!”
Im hung over sitting in an office that is hotter then hell, consuming caffeine, dreading the time win I need to go into the dining room and make myself know and presentable. …did I mention that im hung over?
Im a lil glad that this job and department is almost over, at times I feel like there “bitch” I do what they say and I do it w/ a smile but enough is enough. Im tired, im tired of seeing others get better things then me just b/c they have tits. I work harder then some tits around here and still I go unnoticed. We had our xmas party yesterday and I kinda had fun. No, I did. Amanda came w/ me and we drank and made Asses out of ourselves. She did b/c she didn’t know anyone there and I just don’t give a fuck!