Friday, June 28, 2002

whats w/ the one sentence entries

im so deep.
Some people just fascinate me.

There are these people that when introduced to something new, they get engulfed in it and beat it to a dead horse*.


Thursday, June 27, 2002

For a while now ive been reading somesome kids online journal…a blogg similar to this one* and I look at this kid and he does so much. I know that hes only a freshman in college, but hes done more w/ his art then I did all throughout college.
This makes me upset.
Its people like this that make me feel like I have noting to live for right now. I don’t what to be that person that sits around and watched syndicated reruns ALL day long!

*not really his is a million times better
Work at the Hawthorne is going well. Im starting to really like it. I haven’t warmed up to many people yet, but that’s not a surprise. I do my job; they do theres…its ok.

Its so HOT outside today, the radio just said its 91 in Boston, and I can only imagine what my apt is like. Here at work its nice and cool, AC all around.