Friday, June 21, 2002

When I was younger I had a best friend* and I would call her everyday and see what she was up to. I called as soon as I got home from school. I would call her on the weekends to see what she was doing and if she wanted to hang out. After a while I realized that I was calling her all-the-time, and she wasn’t calling me. So I would play little games w/ myself and try not to call her~to see if she would call me. Did she…? NO!

~~~Your mind is a horrible thing to be alone with~~~

I would get so mad and when I finally would call**I would confront it and she would say, I just figured you would call me later.
Why do people always think that ill be there to do everything just b/c they expect it? Just b/c I (most of the time) do it doesn’t mean that im not willing to let someone else take charge of a situation and run w/ it.

**b/c im a sucker
My main “thing” in life is to look at situations from every angle and see what is the best point of view and run w/ that one. I think I have a good sense of a situation b/c I have the distinctive trait to play devils advocate w/ Every situation…except when it comes to me.*
*most of the time im pretty good. I look at things from every possible perspective and that’s how I choose what I will do.

…and now that ive started that, I have a hard time looking at some thing’s that I need to admit. I have a tendency to get a little jealous over the dumbest things**
**I don’t even choose big elaborate things to admire about people. Im not one to care about what you have (materialistically) . One of the main things that irritates me about people is just who they are.