Tuesday, June 04, 2002

I had my second interview w/ the hawthorn today, this time for “wait staff”, and yes I think I got the job.

I told them that I could start next week, god, I hate starting new jobs this makes Minerva's*!
I guess when I went yesterday for the interview about the MOD position, I spoke to the “big cheese” and she really liked me and wants me for that job in the fall. This is what the guy I talked to today said, “shes allowing me to hire you till she wants to use her trump card and take you away for me and have you do the MOD position**”.

This is all well and good w/ me, but they really think I can handle it?!

I don’t even think I could handle it, but wait staff and hosting, I think I can do.
I just hope that it pays the bills.


**or something like that.
"there's two in the world!"
(only a few people will get the humor of this.)