Wednesday, May 22, 2002

There are these people in the world that will always be alone.
I know this is a mean thing to say and I don’t wish it upon anyone, but lets be real.

There are these people that will bicker and complain so much about others and what they think and yet, not ever consider the party that they are speaking about. There are these women* that sit around and gossip about others lives; yet they don’t have a life that is smelling any better.

Actually their lives are only filled w/ drama that they like to consume from other peoples existence. They don’t have anything better to do then gawk and squeak** about whats going on in others lives rather then finding happiness of their own. ..maybe this is what makes them happy.

These types of people thrive on soap operas.

*well, they usually are women.
**good adjective huh?!
You know what I was going to make a post about how some people are too blinded by what they want* that they refuse to see the whole picture.

I could proceed and speculate that they need to reevaluate their lives and notices that what they want isn’t want is in there best interest.

Honestly, why would someone want to continue talking to someone who cheated on them w/ someone that was supposed to be their friend.

This is where the world says, “do we have to listen to this again?!”

Well yes, but I will make it brief…
I so bad want to tell em' everything, everything that she dosent know. Granted it really isn’t that much but there is stuff that should be told and why isn’t anyone saying anything. b/c no one wants to lay out the shit to em’.

I know that I have stated it before but let me say it again…

“if you are going to hate one, hate them both”

why b/c they both DID IT.
Not one, BOTH!!!

God, i hate that this makes me so mad that I write about it more then once let alone even a single entry.

*but the world knows it ain't good for them.
Another day at the office (…of residence life). Sometimes my working capabilities are overlooked. I think that people need to start looking at things differently from now on.
Its funny b/c Sharon, Amanda and I were talking yesterday about the fact that if res life didn’t pick either of us* up at the beginning of our “run” at the office but once they did…”oh’ you two are so good”, “we love you”.

Now you would think that this is something that might sound appealing to someone, but do you really believe it?!
Maybe to an extent, some “staff” are more phony then others and you can tell who to believe and who are just working the office.

(ill give you an example...)
Amanda was declined an sca position last summer (but Mel her sister got one). This was a big deal b/c Mel didn’t really want the job at the beginning and you guessed it, Amanda did. Amanda eventually got a position and now they LOVE her. (?)

I don’t get it!

Then they are looking for an RA and who do they first think of….Amanda, does she really get the job…no. they gave it to some retard only to fill some quota that they feel they need at this school**. But wait…what happens come end of first semester…Amanda gets offered the position.

I don’t get it… (again)!

They knew that she could do it, she was the best candidate for the job, still is the best, and yet they have to go thru this bull

I don’t get it!

She dosent reapply for the job, why b/c she didn’t think she could do it w/ prior engagements, but yet they encourage her to do so, and she does. Does she get the area that she would like??? …NO.

…wouldn’t you think that if you liked someone soooo much you would oblige there requests and at least give them an area that they wanted??? But they don’t.

I dont get it! (are you seeing a pattern here?!)

My situation isn’t as long and drawn out but basically it’s the same, so I wont go into detail, but you can get the jest of it from her scenario.

*amanda and I
**i dont really know if they do this officially, but we all have our speculations.