Friday, May 10, 2002

my artist statement...........

The human body is a canvas that we display like a work of art. Every day people primp and pamper themselves so that they look their best, decorating their bodies so that they may show off something that they want the world to see. Every day people put on makeup, get tattoos, pick out their clothes, and sculpt their hair in ways to grab people’s attention

This is what I wanted to do with this existing body of work. I wanted to use the body, a blank canvas and decorate it. I recruited models from the area and worked on getting a feeling from them that was represented through their pose and visibility within the frame of the picture.

My main focus was to incorporate the human body with text, paintings, and other photographs projected on models. These pictures are an artistic view of the subject that is being represented, not only by the way the model is positioned, lit, and arranged, but also through the projected image that is either complementing or contrasting the scene.

Our body is something that should be adored. My images are here to stimulate questions, provoke thoughts, and convey beauty, love, admiration, and fear, bringing up questions that will titillate the mind. The human body is a starting point for people to display their imagination.
I showed my final prints to Lewis today…he really liked them.
This makes Andrew really happy!
He didn’t really have anything to say negatively, this is strange b/c he always has some criticism to discharge. The only thing that was said was that my grammar in my artist statement was a bit off, but other then that, “great”!

Feeling overly excited and proud, I showed other people and they all like it also…
"I haven't seen work of this caliber at the school in a really long time." ~Kim Mimnaugh

This people, is a big deal!
I never thought that I would here this from Kim, let alone anyone else.
…maybe she’s not a bad person after all…I love her (now).

Wednesday, May 08, 2002

I think im spending another night in the darkroom, but hopefully this will be the last time for these pictures, im getting a lil sick of looking at all my friends naked. Out of all of the m jenn’s the one that has given me the most trouble (printing that is)
Just had my one and only final. I still have to hand in my directed study and pick up my portfolios froom painting and stained glass. Im pretty sure I did ell in both of them, honestly I think if I get anything but an A in stained glass, ill be pisssed. We’ll see.

Monday, May 06, 2002

what......... i dont understand why someone would think that this is safe. i know that they say it is but im sorry...its not!