Friday, April 19, 2002

Im the baby in my family, and always will be the baby for the rest of my life. So to take on the responsibility as a big brother is something that I long to do.
All of my friends are younger then me and the majority of them are female…so the responsibility of a “big brother” is something that I take on happily.

After saying that…why don’t people listen to their older siblings? We really do know what’s up.
Anyone does (really) when you look from the out side in.

When you think something is going the way you would like it to go for someone and you find out that they are just falling back into ways that (they know) ARENT good for them, what do you do?
Someone said “maybe they are happy”
I don’t agree. You can NOT be happy when you have to walk on egg shells. When you loss someone’s trust its something that* takes a LONG time to regain.
Some people are quick to take the opportunity to take someone back.
What I don’t understand is why?
Why would you let yourself be that vulnerable?


Thursday, April 18, 2002

this isnt my first blog.

i started one a while ago to speak out against some of my peers* and the Tactful** way they handle situations that we have to deal with on an everyday occasion.
Some of them are really compelling but choose not to let them know that I read them. I don’t really have a reason other then the fact I don’t want them to know I care what they think. I don’t really (or at least to an extent) but curiosity did kill the cat.

“road pizza”


**there are just too many to link, maybe someother time.

Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Im getting a lil sick of people not liking this person or that person. …ok, you don’t like someone don’t talk to them, there isn’t a need to trash talk them…be BIGGER then that!!!

(you are a better person*)

*at least I hope so.
So when you read what others write sometimes you wanna tell them that they are being foolish and that they should choose there words a bit more carefully. You can really hurt someone with words that aren’t anything but rage, there is such a better way of getting to someone, you should be a bit more tactful.

People need to see that there is always 3 sides to a story.
People need to remember that even though you might HATE someone for something that they did, they DID IT with SomeOne else also. They didn’t do it alone.