Friday, March 29, 2002

Well ive been told that the “project” is now officially finished.

…that was nice to be told.

I know that my whereabouts for the past few weeks have been MIA, but everyone needs to understand that im a busy man. Things in my life are rushing buy and I don’t have time to grab a hold of anything!!!

When I look at my life I like to think of it all neatly/tightly confined, knowing where everything is and where it should go. In the past few months my life looks like a turn piece of thread. I have so many frayed edges and I cant grab ahold of them and I don’t even know how they began to unravel.

Im freaking out (not a surprise) b/c im not used to dealing with life in this manner.

Do I think that participating in this “project” was an experience that might have been a factor in my frayed life?
No. I don’t think that any one the thing was a major factor, except the fact I OVER analize things and make myself sick with worry.
Do I think I put enough time into this “project”
No. but everyone knew that one I agreed to take part. I think if anyone is really mad that I didn’t “hang out” more, there retarded*…I didn’t see anyone trying to find me and sand up to me**.

Hey, it happens.

Like I told my boss this week, my new found attitude…..

“I don’t care”

*this isn’t meant literally
**except for matt, and b/c he did, I respect him more then the others***

***standing up for what you believe is something that is very noble, and I respect people like that.