Monday, February 25, 2002

this was a chat w/ a friend...
>the irony is so thick i could cut it<

me: where you at?
them: school
me: its nice to see that your leaving your room
them: i was tired yesterday
me: not only yesterday
me: whats your damage heather*?
me: want to know my horsicope?
me: Don't push your luck when dealing with friends or children. Your criticism may not be taken too well. This is not the time to be negative. The backlash will put you in a lonely position.
them: brb

*this is Not the name of the other party speaking here. it is just the name used in the quote i stole for the movie "heathers"
So what do I write, I was told that I was in need of another entry……
Well I wonder where all my time goes, I don’t really have any, and when I do I try to keep my self-busy. I see all these people that just sit around and complain that there isn’t anything to do, well get off your ass and do something. Im starting not to like the television, (not that I really did before) im becoming a morning person, (which ive Never been) im starting to pick up on traits of other that I really don’t like, (this ive always done). What does all this mean?
I don’t know.
Where does this leave me…
Going crazy by myself. Its strange when you try to find a reason to pick on something, one hundred and one things also appear on everyone else and you get overwhelmed with the possibility of changing all the crap that is bugging you.
Why though, its not me? Why do I let it bother me? Do I just try to change people to be what I think is right?
But isn’t what I think should be changed something that is terribly wrong with people?

I know that this is supposed to be a blog about the “project” but the time and talk that we have isn’t something greatly horrible that I need to bitch about…my own life is enough to worry about.