Wednesday, February 20, 2002

so my brain is fried I don't even know what the hell im typing. im at work calling to get people to donate money to the school that im at and begging them to send anything that they can so this shit box dosent close down. damn school ,when I started here we were on the up swing…going places, now…look at were we are. things are falling faster then a hooker on her knees for a crisp 50.
I really do feel bad for people that are just starting out at this school. one word of advise…leave! leave now, leave fast, don't pack your bags, just get the fuck out!
…you'll thank me later!
I know this is supposed to be a site that is devoted to the "project" (what are we a secret group for the CIA?!) but this is shit that effects the way I look at things and the way I treat others.
so ive chatted with the group as a hole for the first time and that went well, I was surprised b/c for everything that Ive heard about when everyone gets together. it really want that bad. it seemed like we all were getting along. I wish I could say the same thing about shit in my life that dosent evolve cyber space. I was never looking forward to graduating like I am now. most people get senior-it is and they don't wanna leave…I cant wait to get the fuck out of here. I know that sounds really bad and people might say that I will regret that when the day comes and they might be right BUT for the time being I cant stand it up here. if it wasn't for the kick ass classes that I get to end my stay here w/ I don't know what id being doing. I might have been on the news by now for killing someone.
at times I think that I act a lot older then I really am, other times I SEE that others act a lot younger then they should!